Visit of the DLR to the TESAT Campus

TESAT Campus 2020 with DLR team

Last week, an expert team from the German Aerospace Center (DLR) was at our site for an on-the-job training as part of our TESAT Campus. Since we’re still in times of Corona, this Campus took place under special precautions and hygiene measures. As a result we developed the TESAT eCampus which goes online now for all customers. Be prepared!

Btw: some interesting parts of the training content for the special DLR-Training were:

  • Performing a destructive parts analysis (DPA) on your own during lab session, and introduction to DPA and CA theory.
  • ESCC system, evaluation and qualification on expert level for the role of an ESCC executive.
  • PreCap workshop and following discussion forum with recommendations for the further development of PreCap templates.
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