TESAT is a true one-stop-shop not only for communication and amplifier product solutions, but also in a matter of accompanying services. Here we differentiate between so-called operations services, engineering services and EEE services. The former refers to skills regarding to the complete product life cycle, starting at product design up to manufacturing, several tests and final quality inspection. Let’s take a closer look at a pick of the near infinite list of different skills.

Starting with TESAT’s OPERATIONS SERVICES, the fully automated microwave factory has to be mentioned. With all the high-skilled experts, this department has an accumulated experience in hybrid microwave manufacturing of more than 80,000 complex LTCC modules. This department makes use of man-less ghost-shifts (24/7) with a First Pass Yield of more than 92 % resulting in a capacity of more than 2 Million hybrids a year.

Another impressive facility within the operations services is the build to print SMD line with its fully automatic screen printer and three automatic pick & place machines. Further skills are e.g. the in-circuit test of components, automated optical inspection, de-golding and pre-tinning of components of more than 3,000 boards per year.

While being far from giving a comprehensive and broad overview, we’ll complete this topic with TESAT’s test facilities. In short: almost everything bad, unfavorable or unfortunate that can happen to a component can be simulated directly on site. So, there are e.g. thermo-vacuum chambers to test the performance during extreme temperature changes and vacuum space environment or shaker tables to simulate rough mechanical thrusts and vibrations of up to 2,000 Hz. Another vital test is the one on electromagnetic compatibility, where components are tested on their radiation and emission to clarify that they are no harm to other devices or systems.

All production lines and test procedures are space proven and ESA qualified. Nevertheless, any other industry in demand of high quality test procedures can take advantage of these services as well.

As operations takes over as soon as there is a ready-to-build production design, TESAT’s ENGINEERING SERVICES take the lead one-to-many steps before. A broad range of engineering experts are responsible for the whole product portfolio of TESAT and all further developments. This includes all areas from microwave to semiconductor development, all active, passive and optical communication systems up to complete payloads and subsystems (e.g. H2SAT). Apart from product development, TESAT’s engineering skills also cover software development, digital design and also in-orbit services of the own brand laser communication terminals within the European Data Relay Satellite Service and the European Copernicus mission.
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