Fields of Activity


  • Secure Communication

    Secure Communication

    Our products help to secure the transfer of data anywhere in the world. Whether sensitive credit card data, secret corporate data or personal information – with the technology of Tesat-Spacecom they are 100% protected.

  • Telecommunication

    Telecommunication Services

    Our equipment, systems and services provide reliable support for the worldwide distribution of telecommunications data and services, such as mobile communications applications or high-speed Internet services anywhere in the world.

  • Multimedia Services

    Multimedia Services

    When it comes to the distribution of multimedia services, products from Tesat-Spacecom play a central role. There is hardly one communication satellite in orbit without our amplifiers or multiplexers, which are of paramount importance for a wide range of television channels, radio stations or other multimedia services worldwide.

  • QKD Ready

    QKD Ready

    Our technology is QKD Ready! The Quantum Key Distribution makes it possible to encrypt data that – as the name implies – is literally encrypted using a quantum key. Enabling this we support the security revolution of tomorrow.

    • For Air, Sea & Land

      For Air, Sea & Land

      Whether high up in the air, on the high seas or in the midst of an infinite desert, our products, systems and services are always available and always precise – be it for navigation applications such as route calculation or other specific geometric applications.

    • Traffic Monitoring

      Traffic Monitoring

      Our products provide services that influence your daily lives day by day. So if you receive a traffic jam message in the morning and your navigation device automatically suggests the best route for you, Tesat-Spacecom is onboard, too.

    • Aviation Security

      Aviation Security

      In terms of aviation security, the most important requirement for the lives of hundreds of thousands of people every day is highest precision and accurate information. With near real-time satellite-based information, our products support the work of everyone on the ground and in the air.

    • Environmental Disasters

      Environmental Disasters

      The most important in a crisis is to get the task forces on the spot quickly, so that they can start early and quickly with necessary help. It is not uncommon for access roads to be blocked and though alternative routes have to be found – our products help with near real-time data to get the best possible picture of the current situation.

      Earth Observation

      • Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance

        Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance

        Our hardware is a key enabler for achieving global awareness of security. Coordination of Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance is vital for preparedness of worldwide operations and national intelligence requirements, assuring safety and security.

      • Crisis Intervention

        Crisis Intervention

        In order to be able to initiate coordinated relief measures in the event of environmental disasters within a very short time, it is necessary to keep track of the prevailing situation. Our earth observation services and products help deliver near real-time images and data to emergency workers and relief organizations, saving the lives of many.

      • Environmental Observation

        Environmental Observation

        To prevent environmental catastrophes, satellites in low-earth orbits map, analyze and measure our planet every day. Accurate and reliable data is the be-all and end-all from which environmental monitoring organizations can detect deviations or dangers early enough to take preventative measures in near-emergency situations.

      • Search & Rescue Missions

        Search & Rescue Missions

        At search and rescue missions every second counts to save the lives of people at risk or to prevent them from getting worse. Our technology helps coordinate data from almost anywhere in the world in near real-time and initiate remedial action.


        • Deepspace Missions

          Deepspace Missions

          Within science missions, Tesat-Spacecom EEE parts, devices, and systems sometimes leave our Earth orbit and venture into the depths of the universe. For example, products from Backnang reliably helped to send Juno's signals from Jupiter to Earth, or supported Philae to gently land on its comet.

        • Support for ISS

          Support for ISS

          Though not only attending in unmanned space travel we also support the International Space Station. Be that in terms of EEE parts, other supplying elements, or within the environment of the Automated Transport Vehicles.

        • Atmospheric Investigation

          Atmospheric Investigation

          To keep an eye on the different atmospheres of our planet, several scientific and Earth observation satellites monitor our planet daily by using a variety of scientific instruments. For example, the world climate is observed or other developments to which the Earth is exposed.

        • Advanced Astrophysics

          Advanced Astrophysics

          Spacecraft that are sent out to investigate far away from the home orbit are exposed in the depths of the universe to a variety of adversities, such as cosmic rays and other space phenomena. To withstand even the most inhospitable conditions, tests are carried out at Tesat-Spacecom on all components and devices to ensure their lifelong resistance.

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