Operations Services

TESAT has depth expertise in Manufacturing and Operational Service, is ESA and NASA certified and the biggest space equipment manufacturer in Europe.
On its 60,000m² premises in Backnang, Germany, 13,000m² clean room area and approximately 450 high qualified operational employees, we offer a wide range of Operational Services to our customers.
  • Operations Engineering

    As your experienced partner in manufacturing and test of high-end products, TESAT covers all management and engineering skills to guarantee a fast and high quality transition from product development to product manufacturing. Our knowledge and competences support fast product development cycles and ensure a reliable basis for high quality manufacturing and test.

    Industrial Engineering

    • Support of design to cost process with DfM/DfT toolset
    • Identification of industrialisation needs, setup and implementation of industrialisation plans
    • Setup of standard work schedules and related cost elements
    • Digitization of manufacturing, tuning and test facilities
    • Continuous improvement and cost reduction projects
    • Industrialisation planning according APQP process
    • Value stream analysis / cost analysis
    • Value stream design
    • Manufacturing flow design
    • 3D layout planning
    • Test lab for manufacturing digitization (e.g. virtual reality, digital assistants, robotics)

    Technology Engineering

    • Identification, evaluation and qualification of materials and manufacturing processes
    • Measurement and evaluation of material properties
    • Technology support in product development process
    • Specification, procurement support and approval of manufacturing machines
    • Conduction of qualification campaigns according ESA/MIL
    • Ovens for thermal cycling
    • Vacuum ovens
    • Ovens for humidity tests
    • Rheometer for viscosity determination
    • Differential scanning calorimetry
    • Drop Shape Analyser
    • Thermo-Gravimeter for material property measurements

    Rapid Prototyping

    • One-stop-shop for prototypes and proof-of-concept hardware
    • All tasks from sketch to hardware delivery are covered
    • Electrical or mechanical prototypes, harness, jigs or tools
    • PCB circuit and layout design
    • Procurement of PCBs, parts and mechanical components
    • Semi-automated SMD / THT assembly
    • Soldering machines (vapor phase / oven / hot air system)
    • ESA / MIL qualified soldering staff
    • 5-axis milling / turning centre
    • 3D-printing, welding, bonding

    Production Control

    SMART assembly
    • Planning, preparation and sustaining of production orders
    • Processing of 3D-data into paperless work sequence
    • Setup of product or module specific work schedules
    • Support availability of components and information
    • Derive work backlogs for production teams from central production planning

    Production Logistics

    • Just-in-time material supply for all manufacturing modules
    • Production order specific kitting of parts and components
    • Provide and store EEE parts for TESAT manufacturing as well as for external customers
    • Supply of consumables
    • Goods incoming inspection
    • Warehouse management
    • Warehous shop floor 600 m²
    • Cleanroom class ISO 8.3
    • Nitrogen racks for sensitive EEE parts

    Calibration Services

    Power sensor rack
    • TESAT is DIN EN 9100:2018 certified, an expansion of the DIN EN ISO 9001:2015, dedicated to the particular needs and requirements of aerospace
    • The laboratory calibration is accredited according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025
    • The metrological confirmation system of measurement equipment complies with DIN ISO 10012
    • Results of calibration are traceable to national or international standards
    • Calibration laboratory: 150 m²
    • Calibration & repair of measurement devices
    • Maintenance
    • Gauge management and control
  • Modules & Optics

    One of our key strengths is the development and production of microwave modules in multilayer technology, optical electronic modules, photonic microsystems as well as assembly, integration and test of laser terminals and payloads. With „Automated Hybrid Microwave Assembly“ we own the capability to manufacture complex highly integrated modules within the frequency range up to 77 GHz in man-less ghost-shifts overnight and at very high volume. These services are offered to internal and external customers.

    Hybrid Microwave Assembly

    • The facility covers a clean room area of 400 m² (ISO class 8)
    • Man-less ghost-shift capability
    • Capacity more than 15,000 hybrids / month
    • ESA-qualified hybrid line according to ESCC 2566000
    • 200 years accumulated experience in hybrid microwave manufacturing
    • Production experience of 80,000 complex LTCC modules
    • Magazine loader
    • Plasma cleaner
    • Epoxy dispenser
    • Pick & placer

    Optical Modules

    The core competence is in conception, development, assembly, packaging and qualification of optoelectronic modules, photonic microsystems and optical components (optionally with fiber coupling). The department has the expertise and the respective production facilities in the required clean rooms to manufacture and qualify optic and photonic modules at an ESA-certified level.

    • ESA-qualified production line for hermetic HTCC and MHIC module assembly & packaging
    • Cleanroom class ISO 5 and 6
    • Shop floor: 560 m²
    • Precision pick & place of electronic, electro-optical, optical and photonic chips and components
    • Precision pick & place of ceramic substrates and metal submounts in a package (optional 3D built up)
    • Precision wire bonding (Au, AlSi, wire diameter from 17 to 32 μm)
    • Ribbon Gap-Welding (Au) from 75 μm to 300 μm
    • Hermetic laser seam welding and laser soldering of Kovar, steel, titanium, AlSi and ceramic HTCC packages
    • Laser marking on different materials (metal, ceramics, organic)

    PCB Manufacturing

    TESAT supplies a wide range of surface treatments for mechanical and electromechanical parts by chemical and electroplating, e.g. silver, gold, nickel on different base materials. Several cleaning and treatment processes for alumiminum based materials, e.g. surtec, anodized.

    Beside this we offer varnishing of parts with several conductive, highly emmisive coatings with very low outgassing rates. Our service with highly experienced experts includes documented processing as well as precise control and measurement of properties with certified quality conformance.

    • Single and double sided rigidflex or flex PCBs
    • Rigid-flex PCBs with thermomechanical adaption
    • Multilayer up to 24 layers in core-foil technique, sequential or semi-sequential build-ups and metal core
    • Buried and / or blind via laser or mechanically drilled
    • Surface finishes in tin / lead hot oil reflow with or without tindiffusion layer, mixed surface tin / lead or ENIPIG
    • Base material Htg FR4 IS420 (Isola), polyimide VT-901 (Ventec), Megtron-7N (Panasonic) and flex PI (Dupont AP)
    • Cu-plating lines & ENIPIG line
    • Direct Imaging
    • X-ray Drilling / pico sec. laser & mech. drilling (/milling) machines
    • Flying probe tester
    • AOI - Automated Optical Inspection
    • Micro-section laboratory / SEM / X-ray (XDAL)
    • IST Tester (PWB) / Group 6 test / therm. cycl.
    • Integr8tor SW for direct respond with external customer

    Assembly, Integration & Test of LCTs

    LCT S/C integration

    Laser terminal test
    • Cleanroom class ISO 5 and 8
    • Shop floor: 500 m²
    • Capacity: up to 3 complex optical systems per year
    • Assembly, Integration & Test (AIT) of optical communication and laser instruments / payloads, including Laser Communication Terminals (LCTs)
    • Ultra-clean production lines for laser/optical space instruments, including dedicated laser protection areas for high-power lasers (laser class 4)
    • Cleanrooms class ISO 5 (400 m²) and ISO 8 (100 m²)
    • Optical system testbeds & instrument-size TV chambers in ultra-clean environment; TV chambers with optical windows for access to beam
    • Various optical & communications measurements possible
    • Micro-Vibration set-up in TV chamber to simulate satellite vibration levels
    • Artificial sun to demonstrate error-free laser communication in the presence of background light
    • Unique facility, equipment & processes used for successful LCT AIT
  • Manufacturing Equipment

    In order to fulfill the high requirements of our customers, it is paramount for TESAT to keep all processes that are necessary for the manufacturing of space products in-house. The combination of manufacturing in compliance with the high standards of the aviation and space industry as well as our expertly trained long-time employees enables TESAT to work on a very high level of expertise. Our long-term manufacturing experience in PC Board manufacturing, plating, SMD Board assembly, magnetics manufacturing, potting, RF and equipment assembly result in customer expected high quality.

    Automatic Placement

    • ESA-qualified production line
    • Cleanroom class ISO 8
    • Shop floor: 600 m²
    • Capacity: > 3,000 boards p.a.
    • Full automatic screen printer
    • 3 automatic pick & place machines
    • 480 different components online available
    • Vapour phase soldering machines, tin / lead & lead-free
    • In-Circuit Test (ICT) of components (flying probe)
    • Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) of the board
    • Degolding and pre-tinning of components
    • Tape & reel SMD components
    • Lead forming of SMD & THT components

    Magnetic & Windings

    • ESA-qualified production line
    • Cleanroom class ISO 8
    • Shop floor: 350 m²
    • Capacity: > 30,000 transformers & coils per year
    • Semi-automated winding equipment
    • High manufacturing flexibility for huge family of various geometrical types of transformers
    • Screening under vacuum & critical pressure for HV coils
    • X-ray analysis
    • Potting
    • Operating temperature: -30 / +100 C
    • Storage temperature: -55 / +125 C

    RF Assembly

    • ESA-qualified production line
    • Cleanroom class ISO 7 and 8.1
    • Shop floor: 800 m²
    • Capacity: 500 units per year
    • Full automatic RF- Pick and place machine
    • 1 Laser trimming system
    • 3 automatic Wire-Bonder
    • 2 Geb-Welding systems
    • Automatic Polimeric Bonder

    Equipment Assembly

    Assembly in dedicated production lines
    • ESA-qualified production line
    • Cleanroom class ISO 7, 8 and 8.1
    • Shop floor: 900 m²
    • Capacity: 500 units per year
    • Robotic system for screwing of waveguide applications with torque and angle controlled precision
    • Shopfloor adaptable to process needs
    • Further processes: lapping of flanches / glueing and soldering processes / dimensional check with measurement arm
  • Tuning & Test

    An essential step on the way to deliver a high performance product is the tuning and functional testing of all RF, power and digital devices. After the assembly, the units are turned on for the first time (IPTO) and subsequently tuned and tested over temperature. This process ensures a save operation and that the optimal performance for the required application is reached.

    RF Applications

    • Highly qualified engineers and technicians
    • Cleanroom class ISO 8.1
    • Shop floor: 400 m²
    • Capacity: up to 1,500 units p.a.
    • 12 automated & 4 manual temperature test benches
    • 14 ambient tuning setups
    • Initial operational test
    • Mechanical & electrical RF-Tuning
    • Temperature tuning and temperature testing of RFProducts:
    • Input & Output Multiplexer, Di- / Triplexer, Filter, Dielectric & Waveguide Technology
    • Frequency: L- / S- / C- / X- / Ku- / Ka- / Q- / V-Band
    • Programming & development of internal test software in C
    • Development & optimization of automatic test systems for RFmeasurements

    Power Applications

    • Highly qualified engineers & technicians
    • Cleanroom class ISO 8.1and 8.2,
    • Shop floor: 400 m²
    • Capacity: up to 1,000 units p.a.
    • Initial power-up test, electrical tuning tests, functional tests and temperature testing of power converters for low and high voltages up to 18,000 volts
    • 14 test stations for high voltage and 5 test stations for low voltage power converters for manual and automated tests
    • 14 thermal chambers or ovens for thermal testing of high voltage and low voltage power converters
    • Integration test of TWTAs
    • Software development for test automation in C, Python, Labview & Powerstar
    • Development & optimization of automatic test systems for low and high voltage power converters
    • Test of pulsed power conditioners for radar applications
    • Preparation of test procedures and test reports

    Digital & LF Applications

    • Highly flexible team for realisation of small series and complex measurement tasks
    • Programming skills in C, Labview & Powerstar
    • Development & realisation of complex tests incl. automatisation
    • Cleanroom class ISO 8.1
    • Shop floor: 300 m²
    • Capacity: up to 200 units p.a.
    • Multi-purpose high-frequency test benches for tuning & test of RF- and digital units for modulators and TTC
    • Modular modulator test bench (MoMoT)
    • Fully automated performance and acceptance test setups
    • Ambient and space environment up to 40 GHz (Thermal & TVac)
    • Different modulations: QPSK, 8PSK, 64QAM,…
    • All tests applicable over temperature
  • Acceptance Test

    As your experienced partner in manufacturing and test of high-end products, TESAT covers all management and engineering skills to guarantee a fast and high quality transition from product development to product manufacturing. Our knowledge and competences support fast product development cycles and ensure a reliable basis for high quality manufacturing and test.

    Test Facilities

    Design, production & verification of:
    • TVAC Feedthroughs for various applications:
      • High / low voltage, digital signals & optical connections
      • Liquids & gases
      • Flange types: ISO KF40, ISO K 63/100/160/250
      • Impermeability better 1xE-7 mbar
    • Harnesses for ambient and vacuum application:
      • Verification via automated test station (1000 V isolation test, 2 A continuity test)
    • Electronics for specialized test applications (e.g. LISNs for EMC)
    • SPS applications incl. software development
    • Design, procurement and commissioning of TVAC chambers and nitrogen boxes

    Electromagnetic Compatibility

    • EMC tests in accordance with
      • MIL-STD-461(A-G), MIL-STD 462
      • ECSS-E-ST-20-07C
      • based on customer requirements
    • Cleanroom class ISO 8
    • Shop floor: 300 m²
    • Capacity: > 100 active units p.a.
    • 3 EMC chambers (shielded anechoic chamber):
    • 2 x 36 m² and 1 x 56 m² cleanroom iso 8
    • RE, E-field, up to 50 GHz
    • RS, E-field up to 50 GHz (20 V/m)
    • 200 MHz - 18 GHz (100 V/m), 18 GHz - 40 GHz (40 V/m)
    • CE FD up to 500 MHz
    • CS, sine wave injection up to 500 MHz
    • CS, arbitrary transients with falling and rising edge slopes up to 50 V/μs
    • ESD-test up to 20 kV and 100 A with different pulse shapes
    • CS06: 10 μs, 5 μs, 150 ns
    • RE: H-Field 30 Hz - 300 kHz
    • RS: H-Field: DC - 300 kHz
    • CE: Inrush current / initial bus application up to 200 A

    Vibration Test

    • Features mechanical: Sine, Random, Shock
    • Cleanroom class ISO 8
    • Project heritage: This facility is used and certificated for the test of space equipment

    Technical Details (Unholtz-Dickie-Shaker)

    • Specimen length / dia max. [mm]: 1115
    • Mass max. [kg]: 680
    • Frequency [Hz]: 5-2000
    • Acceleration sine max. [g]: 200 bare table
    • Acceleration random max. [g rms]: 60
    • Force sine max. [kN]: 89
    • Force random max. [kN rms]: 80
    • Displacement max. [p/p mm]: 50,8
    • Data acquisition: SD Jaguar 78 Channels
    • Specimen length / dia max. [mm]: 711,2
    • Mass max. [kg]: 680
    • Frequency [Hz]: 5-2000
    • Acceleration sine max. [g]: 118 bare table
    • Acceleration random max. [g rms]: 50
    • Force sine max. [kN]: 60
    • Force random max. [kN rms]: 60
    • Displacement max. [p/p mm]: 76,2
    • Data acquisition: SD Jaguar 38 Channels

    Pyro Shock Test

    Bolt gun
    • Cleanroom class ISO 8
    • Shop floor: 500 m²

    Two equivalent and independent shock rooms available:

    • Equipped with ringing plates
    • m+p VibRunner control systems
    • Incl. transient capture
    • 16 channels
    • Equipment for mechanical adaptation
    • Bolt guns for generation of mechanical impact

    RF Functional Test

    • ESA-qualified test environment
    • Cleanroom class ISO 8
    • Shop floor: 900 m²
    • Capacity: up to 1,500 units p.a.
    • 20 test setups for ambient pressure RF-measurements
    • Highly automated test environment as well as manual measurements
    • Standardized RF test stations for various measurement types
    • Highly optimized software support
    • Broadband capability: 1- 70 GHz
    • High measurement accuracy
    • Thermal cycles in nitrogen atmosphere

    Microwave Power Test

    Facilities for different operating requirements under high microwave power, usually applied on qualification of flight equipment. The extensive experience in this field offers a comprehensive test service from single components to more complex and highly integrated devices.

    • ESA-qualified test environment
    • Cleanroom class ISO 8
    • Shop floor: 1,150 m²
    • Capacity: up to 1,000 units p.a.
    Power handling test
    • Operation of devices under nominal power and failure modes
    • Determination of electrical and thermal performance
    • Record of temperature spots to verify thermal analysis

    Critical pressure test
    • Arc discharge caused by a combination of pressure, gap width and RF power
    • Equipment prevented from damage by arc detectors

    • Avalanche breakdown of secondary electrons, effect appears only in vacuum
    • Several detection methods established
    • Verification by gap samples
    • Stimulation by free electron sources

    Passive inter-modulation product
    • Generation of frequency products by two or more carriers on a non-linear surface

    Thermo Vacuum Test

    • ESA-qualified test environment
    • Cleanroom class ISO 8
    • Shop floor: 1,200 m²
    • Capacity: up to 1,000 units p.a.
    • 59 vacuum chambers for RF-measurements
    • Vacuum: Pressure < 1E - 5 mbar
    • Temperature range: +120 °C / -80 °C
    • Highly automated test environment
    • Broadband capability: 1-70 GHz
    • High measurement accuracy
    • Interfaces via standard ISO flanges: KF40, K63 / 100 / 160 / 250
    • Unit footprint up to 1.50m x 1.30m

    RF System AIT

    • Highly qualified engineers & technicians
    • Cleanroom class ISO 8
    • Shop floor: 450 m²
    • Capacity: 5 to 8 MGSE/EGSE p.a.
    System-integration & inspection
    • Payload and subsystem integration
    • Flight harness integration
    • Test equipment installation
    • Payload and subsystem inspection

    AIT management
    • AIT planning, integration and test strategy
    • AIT implementation from module to sat-level
    • MGSE & EGSE planning and realization

    • Development and realization of complex payload test systems usable on all system AIT levels
    • RF-SCOE development
    • TM/TC SCOE development
    • PDU SCOE development
    • Test report database

    System test
    • Complete payload and subsystem test (manually, semiautomatically, automatically) including sat-level tests
    • Test strategy for payload and subsystem verifications
    • Test system development for payload & subsystem verifications
  • Quality Inspection Service

    In space industry but also for aviation and high-end commercial applications, the supervision of quality standards through quality and product assurance is essential. We at TESAT are committed to the highest quality standards. An in-depth quality and product assurance therefore is an integral part of our production chain. Furthermore, all of our products are manufactured in-house, thus bearing the label „Made in Germany“.

    Visual inspection & MIP-acceptance service

    Visual Inspection
    • Visual inspection of active and passive satellite equipment and MIP activities for customers
    • Training for quality inspectors
    • ECSS-Q-ST-70-08: Manual soldering of highreliability electrical connections
    • ECSS-Q-ST-70-38: SMT soldering
    • ECSS-Q-T-70-18: RF cable assembly
    • ECSS-Q-ST-70-26: Crimping of high-reliability electrical connections
    • MIL-STD-883: Test method standard microcircuits
    • ECSS2049000: Internal visual inspection of integrated circuits


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