Professionals and Graduates

  • General
    Would you like to experience the fascination of space travel up close? In order to strengthen our team we are looking for dedicated, innovative and well-trained specialists as well as generalists who are ready to shape the future with us.

    You have just graduated or have already gained some years of professional experience and want to develop professionally and personally? Then you are exactly right with TESAT. With individually tailored development paths, we enable you to fully exploit your abilities.

    Please apply with your complete application documents such as certificates, current certificate of enrolment, your current performance overview etc.


  • Courses
    A purely theoretical education at a college or university is not enough for you and you want to get a taste of working life? We offer various options for enrolled students to gain valuable practical experience - in any case, the focus is on learning new skills and knowledge and is supported and promoted by experienced colleagues. On top, there are very good chances that more will develop from your practical phase! We mainly offer internships and topics for theses for the following courses:

    • Electrical engineering
    • Radio frequency technology
    • Aerospace
    • Mechanical engineering
    • Mathematics
    • Communications engineering
    • Physics
    • Control engineering
    • Economics
  • Mandatory Internship
    As an intern, you become part of our team and learn from experienced specialists. We will respond to your expectations and discuss in advance together in which direction you would like to orientate your internship. We see internships not as a substitute for full-time jobs, but as your chance for your career orientation. In addition to the support of experienced colleagues you can expect a fair compensation and a 35-hour week with flexible working hours. We offer our internships for enrolled students - whether within a voluntary internship or as part of your pre- or compulsory internship. We are also flexible regarding the start time and duration of the internship.
  • Thesis
    Are you almost at the end of your studies and would like to write your thesis as practical as possible and about current and innovative topics at TESAT? Then apply proactively or on one or more of our many topics. Diploma, bachelor and master theses are possible. In addition to a fair compensation and flexible start times, we offer time sovereignty during the preparation of your thesis. It's up to you to decide whether to write your work at home or in the library or be supported locally by our experts.

Working at TESAT

  • As a young professional, I was naturally very excited before starting work because you never know what to expect on the job. Fortunately, TESAT made this step as easy as possible for me and assigned me a mentor from the very first day, who explained everything important about the company and my day-to-day work. As a highlight, I was given a factory tour of TESAT's impressive product portfolio.

    - Tanja Brunn -

  • Since I joined in 2005, not only has TESAT continued to develop, but I have also been given the opportunity to develop myself. In the technical area, I was able to gain experience first as a skilled worker and later as a technician, taking advantage of the opportunity to get to know various job profiles in the parent company Airbus. At the moment, TESAT is helping to finance my commercial studies, the theoretical content of which I can immediately put into practice through new tasks. My motivation for continuous development comes from a "speak up culture" that allows me to actively contribute to the development of my company.

    - Julia Leye -

  • As Payload AIT Manager, I plan complex integration and test phases for payloads at satellite level together with our customers and manage these directly at the satellite manufacturer or at various locations - this means that I am involved in the creation process of a satellite at close quarters every day. The international environment, the responsibility and the varied work is what I particularly like about TESAT as an employer.

    - Dr. Christos Labrianidis -

  • First item is that TESAT is making history. We are pioneers with passion and our LCTs are the best prove of it. The second item, based on my experience at TESAT, is the possibility of having access to interdisciplinary teams, like for example the LCT in orbit services Team; It is a young, very dynamic and high qualified team that works as team and cares about its team members. I feel proud of it and of being a TESAT employee.

    - Dr. Patricia Pimentel -

  • I enjoy being involved in the development of space devices with a great team. Together we are responsible for the design of these fascinating devices and try to improve our products every day.

    - Georg Stolzenberg -

  • As one of the most important companies in the field of space and communications technology, TESAT was the ideal company for me to start my career. I have not regretted my decision; in the 5 years here so far, I have been able to constantly develop myself and learn new things. Working at TESAT definitely remains exciting!

    - Eva Masaguer -

  • As a quality technician, I particularly value my multi-layered and varied area of responsibility, which consists of directing defective products and supervising the manufacturing areas. Together with the teams, causes of defects are identified and corrective measures are agreed upon, and the effectiveness of their implementation is tested and evaluated. TESAT as a reliable and secure employer allows me to combine family and career very well with flexible working hours. I also appreciate the loyalty of my supervisor and the good working atmosphere among my colleagues. With my daily work, I have the opportunity to make global communication a little bit better and to connect people.

    Armin Weingärtner

  • At the annual company run of all companies in the Stuttgart economic region, we as TESAT show that we are not only leaders in the space industry. With our running group "Team Spacerunner", we almost always win a podium place, just like in our daily project business, and we stick firmly together even after working hours. That's what makes TESAT so valuable to me as an employer.

    Michael Mösken

  • Laser Communication in Space is F1 - formula one - in the race of Satellite Communication worldwide. TESAT did it! To be a member of these team spirit is a real big thing. I will never forget the historical moment, when the first link between two Satellites was set over 45.000 kilometer.

    Matthias Motzigemba

  • What I particularly appreciate about TESAT as an employer is the passion and spirit for space travel that is lived by all employees, the family-friendliness with its own daycare group and a wide range of development opportunities, so that all doors are open to you at TESAT.

    Jens Mebert

  • I came to TESAT because of the promising laser communication technology, having previously worked as a project manager in a similar field. I enjoy working in such an exciting environment every day, also because of my highly motivated colleagues and absolute experts, from whom the "laser" spark of enthusiasm always comes back to me.

    Dr. Thomas Marynowski

  • Exciting and interesting space projects, international working environment, innovative company, friendly working atmosphere - all this makes TESAT a top employer.

    Stefan Straub

  • During my dual studies at TESAT, I was able to get to know many different departments and areas and work on a wide variety of projects, giving me a good overview of what I would like to do later. Today, I am the operator of the optical, transportable ground station in Tenerife and am responsible for the operation, planning and execution of measurements. The varied tasks and the intercultural team, which you have to be able to rely on blindly, especially in unpredictable situations, are what fascinate me so much about my work.

    Robert Mahn

  • Just as my studies are full of mysteries to be unlocked, TESAT is also a company full of varied tasks and projects. From programming with Java to creating prototypes with Matlab, I am also responsible for simulations, for example. TESAT covers all areas of electrical engineering, so you could still discover something new here even after many years.

    Mateusz Loch

  • As an intern in the HR department, I was responsible for organizing the monthly interns' get-together and was thus able to quickly establish contact with my fellow interns from various departments. I particularly enjoyed the relaxed exchange of ideas - the evening often ended with a duel or two over foosball or darts. By conducting joint interviews with the specialist departments, I also very quickly gained an insight into the specialist topics.

    Hannah Radke

  • After an interview at eye level and due to the exciting tasks presented, I decided to do a mandatory internship at TESAT. I have not regretted it, on the contrary: Due to the good relationship with my colleagues and the possibility to work independently, I decided at short notice to also write my bachelor thesis at TESAT. The support and always having a contact person for questions give me a secure feeling. If you show interest and enjoy your work, you will be very well integrated at TESAT and can experience a lot!

    Robert Stöcker

Employee Benefits

Special tariff payments
Employee Benefits
Employee Events
Corporate Culture
Transport Connections
Interns regulars' table
Canteen and Bakery
Workplace Health Promotion

Canteen & Backery

Enjoy with your colleagues a subsidized food on our premises or visit in about 2 - 3 minutes walk from one of the restaurants in downtown Backnang.


Of course, we also support you in matters relating to the family: personal counseling sessions, a children's holiday program or places in the daycare center "Kunterbunt", which is only a few minutes away, are just a few examples.

Corporate Culture

Respect, creativity, reliability, teamwork and integrity are the foundations of our actions. Our goal is to create a motivating and inclusive work environment that promotes well-being, fun and trust and encourages employees to take responsibility for their own contribution as well as for the overall project. In addition to these values, working at TESAT is characterized by short decision-making processes and a close cross-departmental and therefore very varied work.

Employee Benefits

Our employees benefit from discounts such as the Airbus stock program, discounted rates when buying or renting a car, or regional leisure activities.

Employee Events

Get to know your colleagues better at the Family Summer Festival, the Christmas or Christmas party or at departmental meetings.


According to the collective agreement, the standard working time is 35 hours per week. Our flexitime arrangements and our part-time agreements allow for the individual flexibility of our employees. In addition to 30 days off we offer the possibility of a longer break - for the care of relatives, travel or training (Care for Life).

Special tariff payments

In addition to an appropriate and transparent remuneration, we offer our employees special collectively agreed payments (holiday / Christmas bonus) and a profit-sharing bonus. Even after work, our colleagues are well supported by the company pension scheme of Airbus.

Transport Connections / Parking

Due to the nearby train station, TESAT is very easy to reach by public transport. If you travel by car, motorbike or bicycle, we offer you free employee parking spaces or bicycle or motorcycle parking spaces.


In regular employee appraisals, your supervisor gives you valuable feedback on your work, discusses current requirements with you and your development opportunities within TESAT (but also throughout the Group). With individually tailored development paths we enable you to fully exploit your talent.

Workplace health promotion

Health promotion and maintenance is very important to us at TESAT. Therefore, we offer our employees - in addition to company sports groups and consultations by our company doctor - at regular intervals and health courses and lectures.

Interns regulars' table

As part of a trainee/intern table we promote valuable and diverse exchange. The monthly event helps to make contacts quickly and to get to know each other away from the work routine. For dinner, snacks, a game of table football or darts, it's easier to talk to.


During your internship or thesis you will be supervised by our experienced team. Even if you work largely independently and drive your project forward, you can always count on your supervisor or your team that will assist you with any questions.


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    About TESAT


    Over the past six decades, TESAT, an independent subsidiary of the Airbus Group, has developed extensive know-how in the production of payload equipment for communications satellites and established itself as the clear market leader in Europe. On the 60,000 m² site, centrally located in Backnang, about 1,000 employees develop, build, integrate and test systems and equipment for telecommunications via satellite.

    Our products must operate flawlessly in a height of hundreds of thousands of miles over the Earth over many years, and under the difficult conditions of space.

    These are e.g. extreme temperature fluctuations, strong radiation loads, solar storms or even the mechanical adversities at the rocket launch. This makes it pretty clear that the demand for research, development and, in particular, production is far higher than for "terrestrial" products, simply because of the external circumstances.

    Our product portfolio includes highly reliable devices such as traveling wave tube amplifiers, multiplexers, switches and modulators, which, as well as complete systems, are supplied worldwide to all leading satellite manufacturers. We are convinced that in the future global communication can only be realized with the inclusion of space. That is why we are the first company in the world to develop and deliver equipment for optical broadband communication in space - our Laser Communication Terminals.

    Thus, our core competences lie in the high-frequency and telecommunications engineering, in the signal processing, in optical communication solutions and in the procurement of so-called EEE Parts.

    In the text - for reasons of readability and without any intention to discriminate - only the male form is used. This includes all genders.

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