Tonight's launch of G30, MEV-2 and BSAT-4b

Ariane 5 ECA

Today, more than 120 devices and components from TESAT will launch into space. About 90 of these are passive devices such as output networks, input multiplexer or filter assemblies, and about three dozen are active components as e.g. microwave power modules. They will fly along with tonight’s launching Ariane 5 ECA carrying Galaxy 30 (G30), the Mission Extension Vehicle-2 (MEV-2) and BSAT-4b.

The launch window opens tonight at 23:33 CEST.

Update from Friday, 12:15h: Launch was postponed to Saturday 23:33 CEST due to weather conditions.

  • G30 is a geostationary communications satellite that will provide video distribution and broadcast services in North America.
  • MEV-2 will dock to Intelsat 1002 in the beginning of 2021 to extend its service life through the use of MEV-2’s power unit and fuel supply.
  • BSAT-4b is a backup satellite for BSAT-4a (launched in 2017) and will offer direct-to-home television services for at least 15 years.



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