Parts Agency Bulletin 02/2022

Delivery tracking goes live

Dear friends and partners of the TESAT Parts Agency,

procurement processes must be fast and easy to monitor. The Parts Approval Document (PAD) is often named as a very important and necessary but also time consuming and complex process. TESAT Parts Agency has therefore developed PAD lite!

TESAT Parts Agency has therefore developed an approach to overcome the bottleneck and maintain the major functions of a PAD. With the PAD lite process, you will have one single tailored project PAD instead of numerous ones for each and every EEE device.
How does it work – keep it simple
PAD lite summarizes your project requirements in a way that the approval process can be significantly reduced: one approval for all.

  • Set the project requirements, e.g. Class Level 3.
  • Set the need for relife if necessary.
  • Set your preferred incoming inspection requirement.
  • Tailor further if necessary.
  • Start the single approval process supported by TESAT Parts Agency Manager and EEE Parts Engineer.

Ready for launch procurements!



We look forward to offer you the best possible service from the TESAT Parts Agency.

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