Parts Agency Bulletin 09/2020

Train your brain – TESAT eCAMPUS goes online

Dear friends and partners of the TESAT Parts Agency,

Soon our next TESAT Campus continues with more sessions and new topics. Since all of us still need to be concerned about the Corona situation, we want to offer you a more convenient and risk free training option: the TESAT eCAMPUS! As such, we perform our trainings alternatively on site and simultaneously via WebEx, whatever is more convenient for you.

In the last days, we have tested the video and audio preferences to fit your needs. Training booklets will be send to you in advance for optimized preparation and well prepared learning environment. The lessons and exercises will be held in a livestream. Doing so, we enable still live contact for you to each trainer. Btw, the personal contact and opportunities to raise questions was considered as a remarkable benefit from many of our participants.

Are you interested to join? Let’s go online!

The trainings can be found on our website We are happy to meet you at TESAT or online.

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