Parts Agency Bulletin 08/2020

Get in touch – the new TESAT Parts Agency website

Dear friends and partners of the Parts Agency,

We are happy to welcome you to our new entrance. Step-in and take a look into the relaunched TESAT website with an enhanced Parts Agency overview and the brand-new Stock Parts tool.

You will find all Parts Agency topics on one page:

pa bulletin 0820 1

For an easy navigation, boxes guide you through our business solutions for our daily routine and challenges on EEE parts. From components selection to construction analysis or even direct trainings booking in our TESAT Campus:pa bulletin 0820 2

You feel interested and want to get in touch with us? We have also updated to prompt message: chat with us following the floating user bar in the bottom right corner. There you will find a green chat box that opens a new tab for real-time conversation while browsing the webpage. Try it!

Have you ever experienced an EEE emergency - like scrapping a unit or just missing some devices? We suggest checking on our Stock Parts shop! Just click the shopping cart on the right hand side and you will be redirected to our new stock parts shop:

Within the shop, you will find up-to-date floating stock of TESAT, AIRBUS and participating customers. Our idea of this shop is to help you with this service in many kinds of parts shortages. Let us clean up the shelves and check a fast emergency delivery for you.

pa bulletin 0820 3After having your test account activated This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., you can browse and check how the Stock Parts Shop works:

  1. Go to and check-in or request your account at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.if you are new to our online services or forgot your password.
  2. Choose from the top menu Stock Parts Shop and then select Stock List.
  3. You can now browse stock details and select items to purchase.
  4. Go to shopping cart.
  5. Review your selection, press Next and fill in the optional project details.
  6. Resume by Send Enquiry.
  7. Afterwards, you will soon receive a quote containing your selection.
  8. Reply with purchase order and receive the quick stock asap.
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