Parts Agency Newsletter 02/2016

Dear Readers of the Tesat-Spacecom Parts Agency Newsletter,

we hope you all had a good summer vacation with some time to relax and to refill the batteries.
This edition gives an insight about MPCV and the ongoing success of the Juno mission. We furthermore are proud to inform about two awards received in the past months.

In September and the upcoming weeks, the Tesat Parts Agency together with experts from the EEE-Centre participates to several conferences and events as listed below.

We would be pleased to meet you there for discussion and exchanging ideas.

For any questions please contact Dr. Frederik Küchen. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Phone: +49 (0) 7191 - 930 - 2414

MPCV: Tesat-Spacecom confirmed as Prime for 2nd Flight Module

pa nl 02 16 mpcvAt the beginning of the year NASA announced the contractual agreement with ESA for the 2nd FM of the MPCV-ESM (Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle-European Service Module). Now the Tesat Parts Agency was contracted as Prime for the Centralized Parts Procurement (CPP) by Airbus Defence & Space. During engineering, procurement and post-procurement phase of FM 1, Tesat-Spacecom successfully managed - together with its subcontractor ALTER - all activities related to the EEE-parts.

The Parts Agency is proud to be now reconfirmed as Prime for the MPCV FM 2 program. This is one of the largest missions not only for the Parts Agency of Tesat but also one of the most complex and important programs in the history of the European Space Agency.

Tesat-Spacecom successfully established the centralised parts procurement with its value-add for both large-scale projects like MPCV but also for medium size missions. We are looking forward to a good cooperation and partnership and can´t await the 1st launch.



Tesat along with Juno reaches Jupiter

pa nl 02 16 junoNASA’s Juno, the spacecraft on a Jupiter mission reached after nearly five years of journey its goal – Jupiter’s orbit.

The mainly of hydrogen and helium consisting planet offers not quietly the most spacecraft friendly environment. Not only the strong radiation, even the most intense magnetic field and its particles belts are special challenges that Juno has to defy. Although the board electronics is protected by titanium plates, the EEE-Parts of the Tesat amplifiers which are on board have to withstand extraordinary circumstances. All EEE-Parts and the Tesat amplifiers were subjected in advance to a wide range of tests by our Engineers.

We'll keep our fingers crossed for NASA that the started research and analysis phase will continue successfully and so we will win groundbreaking and new insights!

Link to Mission:

Tesat Parts Agency was awarded by Rockwell Collins with the "Supplier of the Year"

pa nl 02 16 rockwellTesat Parts Agency was honored by Rockwell Collins with the “Supplier of the Year” award in the category “Value-Add Supplier”. The US aerospace company awards this prize annually from hundreds of suppliers to only ten chosen companies.

The award refers to the performance in the area of “EEE-Parts Services” for Rockwell Collins Germany and their worldwide businesses with momentum wheels for satellites. It was brought to front that through the services of the Tesat Parts Agency Rockwell Collins Germany could always deliver the desired quality in time. The support is broad, ensures a smooth production flow and manages the suppliers of EEE parts. Furthermore the EEE components are stored to provide just-in-time-production to react fast in case of problems.

As an additional highlight Tesat achieved the second time in row the highest level of performance and business alignment within the Rockwell Collins Trusted Supplier Program. Since 2014 Tesat is honored as “Platinum Premier Suppler”.



Airbus DS Awards of Excellence 2016

Since many years the Tesat Parts Agency customers gain substantial benefit from the Airbus Defence and Space EEE CTC (Components Technical Committee).

Any generic EEE parts problem occurring along the supply chain or during usage at equipment level or any alert notification received are assessed. In case of being affected by such an issue the Tesat Parts Agency customers will be informed accordingly and the EEE Centre technical experts will support in devising tailored recommendations and solutions based on the specific customer need and project requirements. As Tesat maintains all related information in their procurement data base, this allows not only to have actual issues treated but also provide a traceability record in the future as well as include previous such issues for new procurements.

On 12th of September the CTC has been awarded the Airbus DS Awards for Excellence 2016 in Elancourt, France.

CTC is considered as “benchmark” in term of “alerts management system” for space business. Being reference, CTC is directly contacted by ESA and CNES to give technical advices. For more details on the CTC process please refer to the ESCCON 2016 presentation of March 2016:

RADECS - Radiation Effects on Components and Systems Conference

The RADECS 2016 Conference, hosted by Airbus DS, OHB Systems and Fraunhofer INT was held from September 19 - 23, 2016 at the Congress Centre Bremen, Germany.

The conference featured a technical program focused on the latest developments on radiation effects in form of presentations, invited talks and a data workshop. The RADECS is an international conference with participants from all over the world. Also some experts from Tesat participated the conference with our booth. It was a pleasure to meet you personally and giving us the great opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences with all of you. We would like to thank you for taking your time to visit our booth during RADECS 2016.

ESA Industry Space Days 2016

The ESA Industry Space Days, an international forum for European suppliers in the space domain, took place on 20-22 September 2016 at ESA ESTEC in Noordwijk, the Netherlands.

The aim of ISD 2016 was to inform about the latest news of space industry and to foster business opportunities by bringing together potential partners.

Tesat was represented by some experts of our team, who provided information about our procurement and engineering services for EEE parts and PCB board manufacturing in space technology. In various interesting meetings we had the opportunity to discuss with potential and with existing partners to exchange ideas and experience.

MEWS29 – The 29th Microelectronic Workshop

From 12th to 13th of October 2016 the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency JAXA invites participants and key players of the Japanese and also international space market to their 29th Microelectronics Workshop MEWS at Tsukuba International Congress Center in Japan.

The Tesat-Spacecom Parts Agency will participate and contribute to the conference, dealing the topic of this year’s MEWS “The Next Generation Microelectronics for the Future Space-Systems”.

You will find more information and also preliminary program here:


  • 12. - 13. Oct. 2016
    MEWS29, Tsukuba International Conference Centre, Japan
  • 12. - 14. Oct. 2016
    ESA Space Passive Component Days, 2nd International Symposium, ESA-ESTEC, Noordwijk, The Netherlands


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