New Managing Director at Tesat

Andreas Hammer

Since 01 October 2015 Andreas Hammer is Managing Director at Tesat. In mid-September he spent a week in Backnang to get a first insight into our company. We asked Andreas Hammer to a short interview:

Dear Mr. Hammer how do you like it in and around Backnang?

I did not know Backnang before and I am very pleasantly surprised. Despite a relatively small size, the town offers everything you need in a comfortable area. Above all, the central location of Tesat is great. I look forward to exploring the city and the surrounding area and thus become better acquainted.

In what areas have you worked "before Tesat"?

After my career in the army from 1985 to 2002 I was 3 years at PWC (PricewaterhouseCoopers), an international accounting and consulting company, and worked for IBM until I joined EADS in 2005. There I worked in various areas of the group since now, most recently as SVP Corporate Secretary and Chief of Staff at Airbus Defence & Space in Ottobrunn.

In which fields does your former work area differ from that at Tesat?

It will be a big challenge for me because Tesat differs in many ways from my previous work area. Not only the products, but also the work processes and internal organization are completely different. As far as I can tell so far, these are aligned on an effective, customer-oriented management and quick decision process.

What did you notice in your first few days at Tesat?

The actual size of terrain is very impressive, not to mention the production, in which I already could acquaint myself during a first factory tour (but I have already learned that this is just a small part of Tesat’s production). I’m hoping now for the strong support of my colleagues, so I quickly find my way in the Tesat World.

What are you looking forward to?

I look forward to my colleagues and to the new tasks. The uncomplicated dealing with each other has also impressed me. Certainly the tension was great on both sides, but the first few days in Backnang and the positive feedback from customers - I was together with Dr. Klaus Michel at customers of Tesat in the US in September - did confirm my decision for Tesat-Spacecom. I look forward to my time here

Do you live in Backnang or will you commute?

Because of family reasons I'll commute for the moment. The route Backnang - Munich is not the most relaxing but feasible.

Tell us something about your family / your hobbies and interests?

With pleasure, I have two sons. My older son is 19 years old, my younger just 19 months. Thus, the issue “hobbies” would be settled because the small one claimed every free minute. As there I am without family midweek here in Backnang, I hope to find some more time for sports. And perhaps there is time and the opportunity for a round of golf.

Thanks for the call - we look forward to working with you!

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