Smart foxes at Tesat

Smart Foxes at Tesat

On July 24, 2015 the smart foxes - preschool children of the kindergarten in Maubach - were here for the sixth time in the project "Technolino" visiting us. Target of Technolino, a project of Südwestmetall, is to introduce children early to the subjects natural science and technology.

This year the trainees had rebuilt great trials: a rose and a cucumber freezing in nitrogen and becoming rock hard, so that they shatter when they fall to the ground. Alarm Clock, whose ringing in vacuum is heard no more, as well as balloons and rubber gloves that become bigger and warm under vacuum. And there were jelly beans that won’t get wet in water and burning tea lights, which continue to burn under water.

With lots of fun and wondering eyes the children were there - but the trainees and trainers had at least as much fun!

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