Development Of New Electroless Plating Technique

TESAT develops new electroless plating technique based on ionic liquids that allows plating of different substrate materials with gold, silver or nickel with a thickness of only a few micrometres.

Nowadays metallic plating such as silver, gold, nickel etc. is done by electroplating processes based on aqueous solutions. Besides several advantages these processes have limitations in gas evolution, toxicity and complex geometries. Especially additive manufacturing technologies offer the opportunity of manufacturing complex designs in one step, creating new challanges for metallic electroplating processes.

The new electroless plating process based on ionic liquids allows plating of different substrate materials (aluminium, copper, Alumina (Al2O3), Polyimid, PEEK and NdFeB magnets) with silver, gold or nickel with a thickness of several micrometers even in complex geometries. Further details including the verification tests and a first application test are described here:

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