Press Talk: Space furthermore on the Rise

PIXL-1 Lift Off

TESAT defies crisis with long-term projects and partnerships.

Stuttgart, 19.01.2021: As a company with its core business in the space sector, TESAT got through the year and the ongoing crisis very well – compared to other industries. Reason for this are on the one hand the long-term nature of space projects, which means that satellites that are being built right now were ordered or planned several years ago. Further, the aftermath of the ESA ministerial conference in 2019, at which significant budget increase for space industry was decided, as well as the system relevance of space helped cushion the global effects of 2020.

A rise in order intake by 20 percent compared to the previous year, 2020 was – economically – a successful year for TESAT, in which important groundwork was set for the following years. In the USA alone, TESAT was able to successfully position its products in a large number of programs. Furthermore, the space company from Southwest Germany is involved in all six new European Copernicus satellites.

 “In addition to the economic successes of the past year, it is important for me to mention that we have mastered the Corona crisis superbly thanks to our medical service and crisis team on site. TESAT was not affected by short-time work or even closure.”

Dr. Marc Steckling, CEO, TESAT

2021 holds several milestones for TESAT, beneath them e.g. the launch of the company’s first satellite mission, PIXL-1[1], the award of Galileo 2nd generation[2], and the partnership with JPL[3] on ‘Human Landing System Program’ (moon mission) and the ‘Mars Sample Return’ mission.


 [1] Technology demonstrator mission for the world's smallest laser communication terminal CubeLCT

[2] Second generation of the European navigation system

[3] Jet Propulsion Laboratory: NASA's leading research center


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