Space on the Rise

Dr Marc Steckling

Space year 2019 sets important course for the future

Stuttgart, 21.01.2020: With its very own economy, space industry is largely indepent of other industries and market developments. 2019, it experienced a global upswing which led to major positive developments in Germany in particular – amongst others including Germany’s record investment in the amount of 3.3 billion euros for European space programs announced at the ESA Ministerial Council at the end of last year.

Space travel is booming. In 2020, with companies such as SpaceX, Amazon or OneWeb, new market participants are pushing to the fore and are going to revolu-tionize space business with their ideas of mega constellations and satellite quantities in four-digit range. In addition, the division of classic telecom satellites picked up speed again in 2019 and was back to a good level of 13 satellites – of whom TESAT will be involved in everyone.

Armed for the future, TESAT strengthens the SME sector in space industry with a strong focus on application and technology programs. As worlds’ only manufacturer of space-proven laser communication terminals, TESAT supplies an essential core element for future’s most important expansion markets with their increasing demands on data security and transmission speed (e.g. quantum computing, 5G mobile network expansion, IoT and Big Data).

“We will continue to pursue our strategy of investing intensively in the research and development of future-oriented products, the skills and abilities of our employees and the expansion of skilled workers. We are confident that this will bring us closer to our vision of crossing borders and connecting people with the help of our products,” says Dr. Marc Steckling, CEO, TESAT.

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