Supplier Award 2016: Tesat-Spacecom awards five companies

Supplier Award 2016
Mittelstand from southern Germany in the focus of the award ceremony

PI1273 – Backnang, 29.02.2016: ALast Friday, Backnang's high technology company awarded its coveted supplier award for the eleventh time. From around 1,100 active suppliers, about 400 suppliers are in a constant supplier evaluation. Five companies were awarded this year for their outstanding performance in the field of quality and delivery reliability.

Behind the award ceremony and the previous evaluation, there is also an entrepreneurial benefit: continuous improvement. Mr Collissy, Head of Purchasing Department, emphasized the internal guidelines for this: "The supplier evaluation serves to permanently measure the quality of the cooperation and to improve it in a targeted way." Furthermore, throughout the regular measurement and evaluation of results improvement potential can be recognized, and changes are made visible.

The products of the Swabian space company are temporarily made up of more than 7,500 parts and have to perform their service in orbit over a period of 15 years. "The importance of reliable and high-quality suppliers is obvious," continued Collissy.

The engineering office for precision mechanics Wolf from Winnenden received this year for the third time after 2011 and 2015 the supplier price of the company Tesat. The cooperation between the two companies has existed since 2004, with the main focus of the supplier being the development and manufacture of special tools for manufacturing, assembling and quality testing as well as the production and delivery of precision parts in small series.

For the fourth time since 2009, 2012 and 2014, Schenz Frästechnik from Auenwald received the supplier price for high-quality, time-based delivery and flexibility. Schenz manufactures high-precision mechanical components and is a specialist in its field. The company has been a supplier of Tesat-Spacecom since 1968.

After 2008, 2012 and 2014, Mielenz CNC Technik from Loßburg received its fourth supplier award for outstanding achievements in the field of high-precision mechanics. Founded in 1980 by Heinz Friedrich Mielenz in Köngen, the company is a manufacturer of vacuum clamping units and contract manufacturers for the automotive, aerospace and telecommunications sectors.

The company Blinzinger Elektronik from Sindringen received its first supplier price of Tesat-Spacecom this year. Founded in 1986, the company develops and manufactures electronic products for industry use. The product range ranges from technical ceramics such as soft magnetic ferrite cores and their processing by means of magnetic components, such as transformers, to complete end devices from the field of industrial power supplies.

The traditional company Böhm & Wiedemann from Eching, founded in 1784, also received the coveted supplier award of the high technology company from Backnang for the first time this year. The company, founded as a bohemian glassware company, is now engaged in optical and mechanical engineering and is a certified supplier of the aerospace industry.

The statue, awarded with a certificate, bears the name "steps to success". The artist and creator of the bronze sculpture, Luise Kött-Gärtner, describes it as follows: "A positive and life-affirming attitude helps to master the steps to success easily and almost playfully".

About Tesat: Over the course of five decades, Tesat-Spacecom has developed in-depth expertise in manufacturing of payload equipment for communication satellites and has established itself as a clear European market leader. On its 60,000m² premises in Backnang, Germany, 1,200 employees develop, assemble, integrate, and test systems and equipment for telecommunication via satellite. To date, more than 700 space projects have been completed. The accumulated in orbit lifetime heritage exceeds 250 million hours.

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