MEWS 2019: Into the future with EEE & COTS

MEWS 2019

Already for the 32nd time, the MEWS conference took place in Japan. This year's main topic: EEE components and commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) as a trump card to NewSpace activity.

191113 MEWS2019 2As a representative of the TESAT Parts Agency, Michael Mösken was on-site, giving a speech on our solutions to the changes and expectations of the new market segments. In front of nearly 150 listeners, consisting of space agencies and international clients, a focus of the talk laid on one of our new core topics: Upscreening and the portfolio expansion of space-suitable components.

This portfolio expansion was received very well, also the new concept of the TESAT Campus. Particularly noteworthy to the training concept is the opportunity to make newcomers in the space world fit for everyday life.

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