DLR Components Conference 2019

dlr components conference 2019

The 18th DLR Components Conference took place on 23rd  and 24th  May in Bonn Königswinter. The 120 participants of the German aerospace supply industry discussed intensively about news and future topics around EEE components.

The TESAT Parts Agency and the EEE Centre were represented here with three lectures from Dr. Witzany (EEE Centre), Mr. Rostewitz (EEE Centre) and Dr. Kuechen (Parts Agency).

As part of the DLR support contract, Mrs. Weinschrott-Schaaf of the TESAT Parts Agency supported this event with a presentation on news from the CTB working group.

In addition, TESAT had a booth at the parallel in-house exhibition and presented its EEE service capabilities, the possibilities and features of TESAT as a manufacturer and assembler of circuit boards for the space industry. Dr. Symanczyk and Dr. Haala from the Parts Agency supported the exhibition in order to exchange ideas with customers as well as with suppliers and project partners for new business opportunities.

For the first time this year a panel session was held with various representatives of "Classic Space" and “New Space” industry. For TESAT, Dr. Martin Veith participated at this lively discussion, while Mrs. Weinschrott-Schaaf from TESAT moderated the panel.

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