Advanced capability evolution for optical Laser Communication

Evolution for LCT135

The LCT135 with its 135 mm narrow aperture is the smallest terminal in the geostationary orbit. Working in a daily routine it is the powerhouse within the European Data Relay System called SpaceDataHighway. Under the ESA ScyLight program Tesat-Spacecom has now spawned the next evolution step for our well known GEO Laser Communication Terminals LCT135, by further developing and implementing new additional features to make even more applications possible. Therefore the GEO LCT135 will get – beside other new features – a data rate upgrade to nearly 4 Gbps, and a flexible and switchable mode between LEO and GEO scenarios to enable laser links over distances of 80,000 km in space in just seconds.

LCT135 © Tesat-SpacecomNot only being the driving force inside the EDRS and the only ever space approved Laser Communications technology the LCT135 celebrates this year its 10th anniversary, looking back to the first ever established laser link between two moving satellites in space on 21st of February, 2008. The anniversary doesn’t just mark a retrospective milestone, it also stands proof for longtime quality and reliability of products made by Tesat-Spacecom, as our Laser Communication Terminals are performing successfully over all this time; making it the best solution for resilient and protected GEO Communication Backbone Systems – where reliability and performance counts.

180131 scylight logo © ESAAbout the ESA ScyLight program
Since the commercial take-up of optical technologies is believed to be the next breakthrough inside the satellite communication market, ESA is trying to address the need for the ever-increasing data rate and secure communication. To support European and Canadian industry, ScyLight (SeCure and Laser communication Technology) was tailored and launched.

All in all the program is dealing with objectives to address the development, demonstration and utilisation of innovative technologies for satellite communication, by simultaneously seeking new market opportunities.

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