KinderUni 2016: Over 70 little students at Tesat

KinderUni 2016

In the context of the KinderUni Plus 2016 of the Vereins für Kinder in Backnang e.V. more than 70 inquisitive pupils flowed to Tesat-Spacecom, in order to learn or even to try out the one or the other.

Since such a large amount of thirst for knowledge would even let us know the boundaries of what is possible, we divided the pupils into two groups. For the one group, there was a talk about space, rockets (and how they actually come into space), satellites, and what fantastic stuff they are doing above our heads.

The second group, full of animated girls and boys, was taken under the wing by our trainees. Five specially constructed and prepared "space experiments" could be experienced and explored. There, for example, it was demonstrated how in a vacuum everything changes and what that means for work in space, how electromagnets work and the importance of the topic of "heat" in the field of space travel.

After the one heard the talk and the others experienced the experiments, both groups were exchanged so that everyone could experience everything. We would like to thank all the students for the lively interest in space travel - and thus also at Tesat-Spacecom - the helpers who have supported us energetically and are already looking forward to the next KinderUni at Tesat-Spacecom.

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