Satellite Communication at the „Fokus Beruf 2017”

Fokus Beruf 17

Summer comes and for many young people school ends. For the first time in their lives, pupils must leave the prescribed and regular school life and have to choose a career path. In choice of a training place, we want to inspire young people for our high technology and arouse passion for space communication.

The training fair “Fokus Beruf” provides a platform for young people and companies in the Rems-Murr-Kreis region to get to know each other. We, the instructors and trainees of Tesat, were there this year once again and have held many exciting discussions with pupils, students and teachers. The fair took place on March 10 and 11 in Schorndorf.

Friday morning began with whole hordes of school classes, which were guided by their teachers over the exhibition stands. Armed with a questionnaire and pencil, the students then set out to fill the naked fields of their questionnaires. The advertising gifts of the companies were squeezed with remarkable ease, just as quickly and easily the distance to the exhibition stand was restored. This sometimes has something sobering.

It is always a pleasure to see a group of students hanging out: special moments, for example when the laser-driven music transmission is presented live and the enthusiasm lights up for the first time in the faces. That’s a real sense of achievement!

On Fridays afternoon and over the entire Saturday, the interested visitors came. Students who are looking for either a training place or a dual study program. Frequently accompanied by mum or dad they were still and shy at the beginning, but then more and more open and questions about training duration, content or the products came.

Do I have enough holidays? Can you do anything other than learning during the studies? Is it difficult? Many questions are aimed at topics that specifically concern the change from school to education or dual studies. Frequently, it helps to tell them how you yourself have bypassed the transition from school to working life and which changes have particularly affected you.

All in all it was a great weekend with many exciting discussions. We are looking forward to new trainees, apprentices and students who have perhaps come to know us on the “Fokus Beruf”.

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