"Fokus Beruf 2016" in Waiblingen

Fokus Beruf 16

Early March 2016 in the civic center of Waiblingen: Roundabout 8,000 visitors gathered information from 120 exhibitors about training offers in the region.

Already on Friday morning numerous students pressed, gathered in school classes, through the narrow aisles. On Saturday many students came with their parents to inform on training offers with all the individual companies.

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The fair is an ideal opportunity to present our apprenticeships and our company – especially among the parents. At the Tesat-Spacecom booth some of our trainees and dual students gave an authentic insight about their everyday life at Tesat and answered many questions. Student internship at a space technology company? Again, the interest was great. After all it is not only the exploration of careers, but much more the chance to get to know each other – students and instructors, the company, the working environment.

The education brochures “sold like hotcakes”, the throats dried through all the chats und therefore it was sure that many visitors came to the booth of Tesat-Spacecom. On the fair was also noticeable that many refugees/ asylum seekers do life in the region now, who search for an entry into the job world – with good and less good German skills.

As always action was offered at the stand: the students could transfer music with their smart phones via laser, which was provided by a laser communication terminal, which was built by our trainees. Many of them didn’t know what Electronics actually is and found that the training contents are very attractive.

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