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On June 17, a group of the Students Engineer Academy (SIA) of the Herzog-Christoph-Gymnasium in Beilstein visited us at Tesat. Also present was the teacher Brigitte Kobiela, who is well known in Tesat for many years. The contact is made, since in 2012 at the fair "Mission future - from Baden-Württemberg into Space" at a student competition students of Mrs. Kobiela were among the winners.

Following the award ceremony in 2012, the group visited our booth and the idea was born that a representative of Tesat could hold a lecture at the high school in Beilstein about the satellite communication and other domains of Tesat. It should be directed to the necessary training areas for activities at Tesat. This idea was then also put into action: Andreas Blass gladly accepted the task.

In the years visits of the students at Test became more frequent, supported by the training department and different product areas. Again and again we are delighted when a visit from Beilstein is pending, since we are dealing with a highly motivated and very interested group of students.

Particularly noticed positive that Mrs Kobiela inspires with dedication their pupils for technology. One has the feeling that she lives almost exclusively for her students and the technology. This is not only we noticed: Brigitte Kobiela has already been awarded in 2013 by German Federal President Joachim Gauck the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany for their exemplary efforts in education.

In his speech he said: "As a teacher at Herzog-Christoph-Gymnasium in Beilstein she does far more than her obligation for the promotion of young people, especially for girls, in the field of science and technology. As the initiating and driving force she enables – in cooperation with the educational institute of Südwestmetall, regional companies and the University of Heilbronn – youth to acquire technical experience in theory and practice based on the stand-alone construction of an active speaker or through the Student Engineering Academy. Brigitte Kobiela helped to develop the Girls Day Academy with the promotion of pupils in MINT subjects which is of interest even beyond Baden-Württemberg. By exemplary and convincing ideas she managed to build an active network of supporters outside the school environment."

We are very pleased that Tesat-Spacecom can support Mrs Kobiela in her work and we are looking forward to the next visit of the SIA from Beilstein.

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