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Tesat-Spacecom is known worldwide as a high technology company in the space industry. We develop, manufacture and distribute systems and equipment for telecommunications via satellite. Thousands of kilometers above the earth, our products have to work flawlessly for many years. Surely you too have already benefited from our technology - as peprhaps while geo locating your position with your smartphone or "zapping" between the TV channels.

High Technology for the global satellite market

Over the course of five decades, Tesat-Spacecom has developed extensive know-how in the production of payload equipment for communications satellites and established itself as the clear market leader in Europe. On the 60,000 m² site in Backnang, around 1,100 employees develop, build, integrate and test systems and equipment for telecommunications via satellite. To date, more than 700 space projects have been realized. The accumulated lifetime in orbit is more than 350 million hours.

Our product range includes highly reliable devices such as traveling wave tube amplifiers, multiplexers, Switches and modulators, which, like complete systems, are supplied worldwide to all leading satellite manufacturers.

In other words, we provide the complete communication technology needed to broadcast satellite television signals to every household on the planet. More than half of all communications satellites in orbit work with Tesat components on board. The future global communications infrastructure must support real-time security-related applications with all-encompassing coverage. This will only be possible with state-of-the-art communication systems in space.

Tesat-Spacecom has successfully developed the key element for this space infrastructure - the Optical Broadband Laser Communication Terminal (LCT). By using lasers, these terminals can transmit data between and from satellites to the earth at high data rates. At Tesat, we demonstrated for the first time the usability of such broadband LCTs in space. Due to our competitive position in the commercial satellite market and our high quality standards, Tesat products are today the first choice for a variety of satellite-based systems used by governments around the world for security and defense purposes.

We work with a highly motivated and well trained team on the future. In order to strengthen our team, we are looking for dedicated, innovative and well-trained specialists as well as generalists who are ready to shape the future with us.

Working at Tesat-Spacecom

As an independent subsidiary of the Airbus Group, we offer our employees an attractive working environment. In addition to an appropriate and transparent compensation with special collectively agreed payments (holiday / Christmas bonus) and a profit sharing, our employees are well prepared for the period after work - with the company pension plan of Airbus.

According to the collective agreement, the standard working time is 35 hours per week. Our flexitime or part-time agreements allow for the individual flexibility of our employees. In addition to 30 days off we offer the possibility of a longer break - for the care of relatives, travel or training (Care for Life).

Employee interviews are held regularly with our supervisors, where employees receive valuable feedback on their work. Furthermore, career development opportunities are discussed.

Health promotion and maintenance are also very important to us at Tesat-Spacecom. Therefore, we offer our employees - in addition to a company doctor and company sports groups - at regular intervals and health courses and lectures.
  • Tariff Commitment Nordwürttemberg-Baden
  • Holiday- and Christmas Bonus
  • Profit Sharing
  • Flexible Working Hours
  • 30 Days Vacation
  • „Care for Life“
  • Own nursery places in the kindergarten „Kunterbunt“
  • Employer-funded Pension
  • Employee benefits such as Airbus' employee share program, discounted rates when buying or renting a car, or regional leisure activities
  • Employee-subsidized canteen meal
  • Free employee parking
  • Good transport connection
  • Further qualification, training
  • Central, inner city location

As an employer, we take on the challenges of the ever-changing labor market and ever-increasing digitization, offering our employees flexible working-time models, secure company pensions, a valued and diverse corporate culture, good career opportunities, and professional and personal development.

Theses and internships

An internship at Tesat-Spacecom provides first insights into the world of work and offers the opportunity to put experiences into practice. The learning of new skills and knowledge is in this time in the foreground and is supported by Tesat-Spacecom by experienced colleagues and encouraged.

The pre-study internship

  • full-time activity, 35 hours a week, with flexible working hours
  • Comprehensive care by experienced staff
  • Duration of the internship: 3 - 6 months
  • Holidays in the internship: up to 10 days paid leave is possible for 6 months
  • Compensation of the internship (Bachelor & Master):
    • in the basic study: 500, - € / month
    • after the basic studies: 1.000, - € / month

The thesis

  • Diploma, bachelor and master thesis are possible
  • Duration: 3-6 months
  • time sovereignty
  • Remuneration of the thesis
    • in the bachelor program: 600, - € / month
    • in the master program: 700, - € / month

... for the following courses

  • Electrical Engineering
  • High Frequency Technology
  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Mathematics
  • Telecommunications Technology
  • Physics
  • Control Technology
  • Economics

Would you like to experience the fascination of space up close and shape the future together with us? We look forward to meet you.

Kristin Huck

Kristin Huck

Recruiting, Training & Thesis

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Michaela Volwassen

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Kristin Huck
Kristin Huck
Recruiting, Training & Thesis
Michaela Volwassen
Michaela Volwassen
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