Passive Microwave Products

The Motive

Why use Tesat´s Passive Microwave Products?

Tesat has extensive experience in the field of designing satellite filters in accordance with individual customer requirements. Expertise and competence are merged in the operational division of Passive Microwave Products to ensure highly efficient performance at all times.

A multitude of Input and Output Multiplexers (IMUXes / OMUXes) and Filters from L- to Ka-Band have been designed, manufactured, qualified and successfully launched in various programs for the past five decades. Based on our experience in supplying Passive Products, Tesat has established production lines for a wide range of products such as IMUXes, OMUXes, Components and Waveguide Switches. These lines are supported by a customer interface, a design & an analysis team and an outstanding manufacturing & test facility.

Our customers benefit from the following qualities:

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By using state-of-the-art design and simulation tools, short design iterations with excellent product performance can be finished in time
An engineering team supporting concurrent engineering approach for payload layout and system design
A customer interface ensuring continuous communication flow and project tracking
A well-established subcontractor management and long-term supplier relationship support high-quality piece parts machining in time
Products are assembled and tested in the Passive Microwave Facility, with dedicated value streams for Components, Waveguide Switches, IMUXes and OMUXes
Thanks to an extended portfolio ranging from simple components to complex assemblies a complete Payload equipment can be provided
Manufacturing processes such as surface treatment are accommodated in-house to provide a continuous assembly flow
In-house Parts Agency ensures high quality of procurement

The Developments

Tesat‘s Extensive Experience

The engineering and manufacturing of Passive Products can be traced back to 1971, when a small team of engineers set out on the long way to become a satellite equipment supplier.

The first unit was delivered for the Intelsat IV program in 1971. Design was calculated by simple formula and finalised using “cut-and-try” approach.

Simulation tools, based on field theory, were developed and continuously extended over the last decades. Today Tesat has a multiphysic simulation platform to synthesize and simulate 24-channel OMUXes or IMUXes including all parameters like temperature drift, RF performance, power loss and CAD file configuration. Assembly and test of Passive Products is another sector that was built up.

The continuous improvement of quality, assembly, test and engineering is merged in a dedicated 6-floor building for Passive Products. The concentration, providing the advantage of short routes, has generated a spirit of pioneering and commitment to our customer. A Customer Interface Team is the first technical contact to provide payload design support. The team is supported by a strong group with microwave engineering background. To manage the growing business in the last couple of years, the entire team has been trained in six-sigma design and manufacturing methodology. This is supporting our mission: Transforming ideas into high-quality products.

The Products

IMUXes - OMUXes - Switches - Components

Tesat supplies all Passive Products between receive and transmit antenna which a customer needs to build up a Payload. Many products have a long heritage in orbit or are qualified by a dedicated program. The product spectrum is branched into IMUXes, OMUXes, Switches and Components.

IMUXes feature excellent RF performance and temperature stability. Due to forward-looking stock policy for parts, a good delivery time and a high producibility can be ensured. A proven concept of modularity opens up the benefit of flexibility to provide customer-specific IMUX configurations.

OMUXes are designed and produced in different technologies to meet customer demands. The classical OMUX technology based on Invar filter is complemented with the upcoming Aluminum technology to provide high power-handling capability in Ku- and Ka-Band. Diplexers are combining output signals of OMUXes to increase the number of channels per antenna. To reduce footprint and integration effort on the Payload, Tesat is providing assemblies with three or more layers. These highly integrated subunits can be cofigured and designed to customer specifications.

Waveguide Switches are a key component for redundancy and configuration concepts. These switches have a high reliability and excellent RF performance. Sequential and random access actuators for changing switch branching can be provided for Payloads. The product spectrum was increased in continuously responding to market request for Tesat to offer all frequency bands from 3 to 40 GHz.

Components such as Couplers, Loads or Circulators are designed and manufactured from 3 to 40 G Hz. These products have a high producibility and some follow ESA guidelines of manufacturing. For high-power components such as Loads and Circulators, a dedicated test setup is available to ensure a systematic screening process.

The Applications

Passive Components for Space Applications

Tesat has enhanced its array of products in the past couple of years to cover the full product spectrum. For this dynamically increasing business, Tesat has built up a dedicated assembly-/test-team. Most of the products take the ESA Parts recommendation as guideline to ensure quality and RF-performance. The introduction of six-sigma process monitoring indicates early process deviations and is driving the process feedback loop in production. The in-process power screening on Circulators and Loads is verifying process integrity. Screening test is run on automatic power test stations to sustain smooth production flow. This product group has a modular technology and process platform. This means integrity of technology and process versus frequency bands is established. The benefits for our customer are cross-frequency heritage and excellent quality. RF performance is state-of-the-art and fitted to the other products such as IMUXes, OMUXes or Waveguide Switches. The transformation of market expectation has arrived in this product area, too. On the one side components have become more and more a part of integrated assemblies and on the other side components functions are merged to more functionality at lower cost, e.g. Filters with Couplers, Circulators with Loads and so forth.

The Mission

Based on heritage – discover the future

Tesat has established a close partnership and cooperation with six universities to ensure scientific support for our pioneering. The positive outcome of this interchange is a continuous flow of new ideas and innovative thoughts. Finally many students find an interesting engineering position at Tesat for their first industrial placement.

Joint projects with universities cover the area of improving simulation tools, pioneering future technology or research of new products. In the last decade, Tesat has had a successful cooperation with DLR and ESA in designing new products and placing them on the market. This is a key contribution in the satellite equipment engineering and research process.

Improving customer benefit is the driving force for many innovations

In recent years, Tesat has extended the high power capability of OMUXes with the new generation of Aluminum OMUX technology. The power handling of every channel has been increased to more than 300 W and up to 12 channels on one manifold. Another benefit is the mass reduction by 50% compared with state-of-the-art technology. The new generation of C-Band OMUXes can be provided with waveguide or coaxial interfaces. The circulator integration approach with the OMUX is reducing the footprint for payload integration on the one side and improves the RF performance on the other. The modular concept can be configured for an optimum solution for medium- and high-power applications. A key point of this concept is that the upcoming ALM production revolution is already considered in the design. For the IMUX in the input section, Tesat continues the successful vertical integration approach introduced in Ku- and Ka-Band. As a result of this arrangement, mass and footprint is kept low, providing excellent RF performance. Introduction of multi-manifold OMUXes in all frequency bands in the last couple of years illustrates our innovation capability, and the rapid market penetration is a result of brisk customer demand. In cooperation with universities, Tesat is pioneering on the next generation of flexible Inand Output Networks.

Roadmap of Programs