Datalink Products

The Scope

Why use Tesat´s Datalink Products?

Tesat-Spacecom´s Datalink Products feature a unique combination of capabilities in the areas of RF technology, communication technology, digital signal processing and high speed digital technology. This strongly linked know-how in the different high speed digital technology areas allows us to design and develop highly advanced communication and data processing equipment for satellites.

Our modulators feature highest data rates for the transmission of image and sensor data from satellites to ground covering the established X-Band as well as the upcoming Ka- Band.

Our Telemetry, Tracking and Command (TT&C) Transponders for S- and Ku-Band are based on a fully digital design, which provides a high degree of flexibility in terms of transmission schemes and frequency agility. In addition to the standard schemes the transponders can operate in spread spectrum mode as well as in high data rate modes.

Our products make full use of the Tesat qualified and proven manufacturing technologies and facilities, which process more than thousand satellite equipment units per year. All our designs are suited for LEO, MEO and GEO applications, paving the way for multiple applications. For the design of the units, Tesat features a broad system knowledge based on simulation models that allows for analysis of the end-to-end transmission chain.

Our process engineering and design advances are based on more than three decades of experience, which we pass on to our customers for their benefit.

Key Benefits

Excellent experience
Highest data rates
High flexibility
Outstanding space heritage
Extensive engineering know-how

The Facts

Applications / Key Capabilities

For more than 30 years Tesat has been working on digital communication for satellite applications, including studies and developments in the field of modulation, demodulation and on-board processing. Later the focus of activities was set on high data rate transmissions. The first flight project was the development, manufacturing and test of the modulators for the European Envisat satellite. Since then more than 140 units were contracted to Tesat.

With the improved resolution of sensors and earth observation instruments, the amount of data to be transmitted from Earth Observation or Meteorological Satellites is steadily increasing. To cope with this increasing data volume, the required data rates for the transmission to the ground need to be augmented. Tesat offers a family of modulator products to satisfy these requirements. Products in X-Band (8 G Hz range) and Ka-Band (26 G Hz range) are available, which are all designed for LEO as well as MEO and GEO applications with a 15 years lifetime. A new modulator offering a channel data rate of up to 2 Gbit/sec is currently under qualification until 2017. The control of satellites is accomplished via the on-board TT&C transponder. Therefore, these units need to fulfill highest standards with respect to reliability and operational safety. The flexibility in the used transmission schemes and carrier frequencies is becoming important. Tesat has developed a new generation of TT&C transponder in S-Band and Ku-Band to satisfy these requirements.

The Products

Modulator - Transmitter - Receiver - TT&C Transponder

The Tesat modulators are specifically designed to fulfill the increasing demands for high data rates required for earth observation, meteorological and data relay missions. Our modular designs allow simple adaptations to specific customer needs concerning e.g. data rate, transmission frequency, interfaces or implementation of forward error correction.

The Mission

Based on heritage – discover the future

Based on the heritage of more than 40 flight programs, Tesat is a strong partner to provide our customers with state-ofthe- art communication equipment for data download and satellite control. To be able to support our customers´ needs in the future we continuously analyse and forsee the needs of future missions and develop new product generations to fulfill these needs.

Future high rate downlink systems as well as TT&C transponders will benefit from flexible and modular designs currently being qualified at Tesat. State-of-the-art ASIC designs will provide for GEO compatible radiation- hardened equipment.

High order modulation schemes realised in Variable/Adaptive Coding and Modulation (VCM/ACM) will enable future missions with enhanced data throughput. Spread Spectrum techniques for TT&C will ease frequency coordination and are ideally suited for hosted payloads.

Roadmap of Programs