The test area for aerospace equipment has extensive experience in the implementation of high-frequency measurements and environmental tests.

Take advantage of our expertise in the measurement and qualification of radio equipment and the implementation of environmental test even in not high-frequency devices!

Test Area
3.420 m²
Shaker 3
EPC Test Systems 16
EMV Chambers
70 m²
TV Chambers for Device Testing
RF Test Systems 42


Documented Measurements of Radio Equipment in the Fequency Range 0 - 60 GHz

  • Over a temperature range from -40 to 120 degrees Celsius
  • Under normal atmospheric pressure and in vacuo


Implementation of Qualification Tests on High-Frequency Devices

  • Performance tests in the kilowatt range
  • Multipaction tests
  • Corona testing (proficiency testing in all air pressure range)
  • Passive intermodulation tests (PIM)
  • High Performance tests with Ring Resonator


General environmental tests

  • Vibration testing under clean room conditions
  • Mechanical Shock Test
  • Thermal cycles in climatic heaters and in vacuum