With the new product family "High Density Integrated Equipment" (HDI), Tesat-Spacecom has entered new territory. The aim was to create a product that is not only new, smaller and lighter, but at the same time better than all its comparable products. Successfully accomplished this goal, the speciality of our HDI equipment is not just the significant reduction of mass and power consumption, but also combining the functionality of 15 different equipments in one single product. In short: the integration of all mandatory payload functions in one little box.

Current payloads need a lot of different equipments. Each of these generates effort in terms of: Specification, Procurement, NRE, Manufacturing, Testing, Payload AIT, RF- and DC- connections. In the future there will be just one single device which has to go through all the processes, instead of dozens of different devices from a variety of different suppliers.

The HDI equipment can be split into functional and supporting block, while functional blocks realize the RF transmission according to the specification and supporting blocks realize the operation of the equipment itself.