With the improved resolution of sensors and earth observation instruments, the amount of data to be transmitted from Earth Observation or Meteorological Satellites is steadily increasing. To cope with this increasing data volume, the required data rates for the transmission to the ground need to be augmented.

Tesat offers a family of modulator products to satisfy these requirements: Products in X-Band (8 GHz range) and Ka-Band (26 GHz range) are available, which are all designed for LEO- as well as MEO- and GEO-applications with 15 years lifetime. The control of satellites is accomplished via the on-board TT&C transponder. Therefore, these units need to fulfill highest standards with respect to reliability and operational safety. The flexibility in the used transmission schemes and carrier frequencies is becoming important. Tesat has developed a new generation of TT&C transponder in S-Band and Ku-Band to satisfy these requirements.