Tesat features a long and very successful heritage for Downlink Subsystems since more than 20 years starting with Envisat. Based on cutting-edge technology, we provide Downlink Subsystem concepts to fulfill the growing data rate requirements.

Tesat is a one-stop-shop that includes all engineering services (RF, layout, interfaces, reliability), procurement, project management, subsystem assembly, integration and test in Backnang. In addition, support for system level activities can be offered and test systems can be delivered, if requested by the customer.

Downlink Subsystems for earth observation and military missions are available in X-Band (8 - 8.4 GHz) with QPSK and 8-PSK modulation and Ka- Band (25.5-27 GHz) with QPSK modulation. The products are designed for LEO as well as GEO applications with a lifetime of up to 15 years.