Based on 30 years experience, Tesat has designed and manufactured several hundreds of SSPAs for space applications. With the new generation, we are now able to offer up to 120 W SSPA in L- and S-Band and up to 60 W in C-Band. To serve market needs and high volume production of SSPAs, we have harmonized our capabilities between MPM and SSPA manufacturing lines. New aims in this segment are higher integrated solutions and to develop SSPAs for Ku-/Ka-Band.

Over the last years, we have invested into the new GaN-Technology to develop high efficiency and reliable SSPA in the lower frequency bands (L-, S-, C-, X-Band). In the future, we will extend our portfolio with Ku- and Ka-Band. In terms of functionality and complexity Tesat can deliver either high power hybrids usable in active antennas or SSPAs as equipment with a DC/DC converter and extended functionality like channel amplification etc.