• Live: Launch of Sentinel-5P

    Today at 11:27 am CET the European Sentinel-5P satellite of the Copernicus program starts with a Rockot from Plesetsk Cosmodrome in northern Russia. In addition to the great fact that this launch is one of the few that takes place during the day...
  • PI1283: Tesat-Spacecom cooperates with industry to produce the first interoperable LCT

    PI1283 – Backnang, 12.09.2017: Tesat-Spacecom GmbH announced today that it will produce and market an interoperable version of its space based Laser Communication Terminal (LCT). The interoperable terminal will be able to communicate in both 1064nm...
  • PI1284: Tesat-Spacecom & Bridgesat announce partnership

    Tesat-Spacecom and BridgeSat Announce Partnership to Provide Total Optical Communications Solution for Commercial Satellite Operators PI1284 – Backnang, Germany, and Boston, Massachusetts, USA (September 11, 2017) — Tesat-Spacecom GmbH & Co. KG...
  • Tesat-Spacecom: With end-to-end processes against counterfeit components

    The topic of counterfeit semiconductors and other faked high-tech components has become increasingly explosive in today's world and the latest technical developments. Just last week the European Anti-fraud Office ( OLAF helps partners seize over...
  • PI1281: SpaceX: Successful launch with devices from Backnang

    A Falcon 9 takes communication satellite Inmarsat-5 F4 into geostationary orbit PI1281 – Backnang, 16.05.2017: When the countdown for the last of the four Inmarsat-5 satellites starts at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, it is just after 1 am...
  • Portrait: The Tesat-Spacecom Supplier Award

    When the Tesat-Spacecom supplier award was launched in 2008, one would never have expected it to become so popular over the years. Although the coveted award presupposes a supplier evaluation, which continuously tests all relevant aspects in the...
  • PI1280: Future Day - Girls Power at Tesat-Spacecom

    A total of 23 young women followed the call of the space company to this year's Girls Day PI1280 – Backnang, 27.04.2017: At 9:30 am, the curious young girls dived, or rather "were lifted", into the world of Tesat-Spacecom - taget destination: Outer...
  • Rockwell Collins Award 2017

    For the second time in a row, the Tesat Parts Agency was awarded with the "Supplier of the Year" award in the category "Value-Add Supplier" by Rockwell Collins. The US aerospace company awards the prize – it could almost be called a trophy – in a...
  • DLR Conference on EEE Parts 2017

    Under the patronage of Britta Schade (Senior Head of Department at DLR for Quality and Product Assurance), DLR's 5th Conference on EEE Parts took place in Jena on 4th and 5th April 2017. With about 100 registered participants, the event was well...
  • National Satellite Conference Bonn

    On March 26th, 2017, it was time to head for Bonn - with our packed truck on its way to the former federal capital. On the same evening, our Laser Communication Terminal already took its place at the DLR booth at the Maritim Hotel.

Supplier Award 2017

When the Tesat-Spacecom supplier award was launched in 2008, one would never have expected it to become so popular over the years. Although the coveted award presupposes a supplier evaluation, which continuously tests all relevant aspects in the supplier's company, this is a comparatively low price for the rare honor.

But how does this supplier evaluation work? Overall, there is no dark magic behind this, but rather points are awarded within a SAP evaluation tool based on market-based criteria such as quality, delivery reliability, and a handful of other important factors. In sum: 50 for quality, 35 for delivery reliability, and 15 for the remaining factors.

Every three months, this analysis is used to carry out a trend analysis in order to examine how the supplier company develops, where there may be a need for catching up, or where a positive upward trend can be identified. Since Tesat-Spacecom is anxious to a long-term partnership with the suppliers, the companies are informed about the evaluation and the respective trends within this evaluation and, in the event of a downtrend, also informed about this. But not to build up pressure, but to recognize possible problems at an early stage and to work them off. Often it is only communication difficulties or misunderstandings that lead to problems in the end. In addition, Tesat provides affected suppliers with a customized catalog of measures that describes how to improve their own assessment within the supplier analysis and where or how to improve them.

However, Tesat-Spacecom does not rely exclusively on plain figures and facts. Interpersonal factors also play a relevant role: How, for example, does collaboration between buyers and suppliers work? How the communication? Or how is the reaction rate? Can one rely on the supplier when things are on fire, or does he even recognize inconsistencies within the ordering process that could cause a problem without a timely intervention? In the case of such topics, of course, the feedback of the individual employee in the purchasing department is a matter of course, and can ultimately be the “tip” on the scale for deciding whether the supplier receives the award or not.

The purchase of Tesat has all the suppliers (approx. 1,200 – 400 of them for system components, which are also evaluated systematically) and tries to evaluate them fair and transparent. A great deal of effort is being made for this, and it is precisely for this reason that the respective supplier companies are given the opportunity to obtain information about the test assessment system and to provide feedback. Feedback that Tesat takes to heart and uses itself to rethink and rework its own internal processes.

A further incentive for the dutiable and permanent analysis of the suppliers is the popularity of the supplier award, which was already described at the beginning of the article. An award from Tesat-Spacecom obviously has its value, if the winners spread their press releases shortly after the announcement, to present the trophy centrally in their entrance hall or even ask mid-year where and how they still “have to put on some weight” to get the price this year.

Hans-Dieter Collissy, Head of Purchasing, said: “One can see that the award is an incentive for the subcontracting community to make a special effort every year. Our annual evaluations clearly illustrate how the introduction of the supplier evaluation in 2005 and the introduction of the supplier price in 2008 have had a positive effect on the development and sustainability in the area of quality and delivery reliability.”

This year two suppliers received the honor of Tesat-Spacecom. With this year's award, Rohde & Schwarz has already received its third supplier award since 2009 and is therefore regarded as a repeat offender in terms of excellence in the area of quality, delivery reliability and flexibility. The second prize winner is the Dutch company GL Precision, which has also deserved a place at the top thanks to its extraordinary achievements and commitment.


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