Whether high up in the air, on the high seas or in the midst of an infinite desert, our products, systems and services are always available and always precise – be it for navigation applications such as route calculation or other specific geometric applications.

Our products provide services that influence your daily lives day by day. So if you receive a traffic jam message in the morning and your navigation device automatically suggests the best route for you, Tesat-Spacecom is onboard, too.

In terms of aviation security, the most important requirement for the lives of hundreds of thousands of people every day is highest precision and accurate information. With near real-time satellite-based information, our products support the work of everyone on the ground and in the air.

The most important in a crisis is to get the task forces on the spot quickly, so that they can start early and quickly with necessary help. It is not uncommon for access roads to be blocked and though alternative routes have to be found – our products help with near real-time data to get the best possible picture of the current situation.